Protek Coatings

Protek Coatings

A product that works with you, not against  you.

Protek Joint

PROTEK BASE JOINTING COMPOUND is a tough universal water based filler compound ready to use straight from the pail for both external and internal applications to bridge joints on expanding and retracting substrates. It is a flexible co-polymer acrylic jointing compound.

PROTEK BASE JOINTING COMPOUND will retain its elastomeric ability enabling it to be used in many applications such as:

  • Flush out joints in pre cast concrete slabs and pre-stressed flooring systems
  • Cement sheet abutments
  • Gap filler to off form concrete
  • Patch repair with alkali resistant fibreglass mesh to joints.
  • Expansion joint filler

Protek Flushing Compound

 PROTEK TOP COAT FLUSHING COMPOUND is a water based high-performance compound specifically formulated for the professional joint flushers in mind and is suitable for applying as a second and finishing coat.

PROTEK TOP COAT is specifically formulated to provide superior flexibility enabling it to be used in many applications where movement in substrate and cracking is likely with traditional jointing compounds. Suitable for :

  • Fibre cement sheeting over timber and steel frame
  • Polystyrene over timber and steel frame
  • Panel Build Systems
Protek Acrylic Render

Protek Acrylic Render is a water based high aggregate filled coating. The coating is designed as a complete base render coat over non masonry surfaces.

Protek Acrylic Render is a premixed highly durable, exterior polymer coating. The coatings is highly flexible and resistant to water and fire. It’s has excellent adhesion to virtually any building surface. The high build profile provides good abrasion resistance and assists in covering surface imperfections and defects. Applied by traditional hawk and trowel plastering methods.

Features include;

  • Adhesion to fibre cement, magnesium board and other hard to key surfaces
  • Superior waterproofing abilities
  • Impact and structural strength.
  • Ability to increase fire ratings of various substrates
  • Resistance to expansion and structural movement

The product comes in a sandstone base colour and is principally designed as a base render ready for a finishing coat of paint or texture.



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